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The Best 2015 Golf Drivers for Elder Players -

Now, it's 2015, most golf players would sum  the best or top golf clubs for them this year. Among them, golf seniors would pay more attention the better golf equipment to them. Because thet are always the group who are in particular requests. Senior golf players lack of power and feel hard to make a decision on the clubs they need. So, if they you want to find the best golf clubs for sale for you, you must pay attention to some aspects. First of all is the power. You should learn to how to achieve power and find out which clubs can help you do this.

Before we dive straight into picking out the drivers, you have to understand the concept of how to gain power first. The most important figures that you need to know when you are playing your driver would be your launch angle and spin rate. he faster your swing the club, the less loft you need on your driver – it’s that simple. In regards to the spin rate, the quicker you swing the ping g25 driver, the more spin you will generate. Unfortunately, more spin on your driver will equate to reduced distance. You can counter this effect by choosing the correct shaft.

The new 915D2, released in 2014,  is designed to optimize the launch angle with minimal spin, delivering a higher trajectory for maximum distance. This equates to massive drives every single time. I am currently playing with the Titleist 915 D2 Driver and I feel so comfortable on the tee every time I take my driver out. And you should choose the right shaft flex. This is very important in selecting the shaft. When you think common regular or stiff shaft is good for, then please do not take any risk to get a x-stiff or soft regular flex. Generally speaking, the less swing speed you have, the more flexible your shaft should be.

Once you gain enough power, you need to transfter your attention to the shaft. In general, senior golfers don’t really need a heavy shaft. Indeed, a heavy shaft will reduce the spin rate, but if you don’t have the clubhead speed to back it up, you will hit the ball very low and also slice it quite often. I would recommend going for graphite shafts that weight roughly 50-55 grams, as that can drastically improve your swing speed and also give you a better control of your club.

Secondly, the new PING G30 driver will be able to deliver great distance, but also improved accuracy. The head design may look weird to some people, but if you like it, the G30 outperforms most drivers available on the market. Currently PGATOUR player Bubba Watson plays with the G30 and he hits it miles! The G30 is ideal for senior golfers with a fast swing speed in excess of 100 mph.

If neither of the 2 drivers above fit your demand, then you can also take a look at some TaylorMade or Callaway drivers. Some of them are also quite excellent to help you gain the power. You can find this from their big clubface. If the speed is not the first thing you need to consider, then just take care of the youir power.

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