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Say Hello to New Titleist 915 Drivers -

In 2015, we really have the honor to look at the coming out of many new golf clubs. Though in early 2015, there have already been several great and new golf clubs released on market to give us wider range of choice on different golf clubs for sale. Among them, titleist 915 driver must be the first and most important series. Titleist released 2 drivers, 2 hybrids and fairway woods at one time, which is even more than titleist. As we know that titleist is always the brand which is famous in prolific golf brand.

Compared to the 913 D2, the 915 spins the ball around 115 rpm less for an average swing speed of around 85-90mph. Combined with a slightly higher launch it should add a few more yards carry. While the 915 D3 driver is the smaller 440cc head, although it does not look at compact as previous models, which I prefer. On the downside the sound was a bit more hollow and higher pitched than before at impact.

Titleist were at great pains to point out that this IS NOT A SLOT even though on the 915F fairway and 915H hybrid the thinner version would be mean coming up with another way to describe it. The Titleist 915 D2 Driver has a 460cc head, designed to offer more forgiveness, while the Titleist 915 D3 is a more workable 440cc model. The drivers are designed to offer both increased forgiveness and added distance, through high MOI and a new Active Recoil Channel.

This channel, employed on the sole of the club, is long, wide and deep, and enables the Titleist 915 drivers to coil and spring for lower spin, improved ball speeds and greater consistency. The centre of gravity on the 915 D2 and titleist 915 d3 driver is low and deep. This, when coupled with a thinner cast crown, a weight pad, Ti 8-1-1 Light Density Casting and a SFT weight placement in the sole, significantly increases MOI and forgiveness. Both new Titleist 915 drivers also boast a new Radial Speed Face, which boosts forgiveness on off-centre hits through thinner heel and toe sections on a forged face insert.

On the driver the ARC is most definitely a channel and it allows the lower half of the face to flex at impact as well as the crown and that increases the energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball so you get more ball speed and therefore more distance. Titleist say that they had this technology at a similar time both of the driver and titleist 915f 3 wood, but as their channel is longer and wider, the manufacturing techniques were not good enough to make this in large numbers until more recently.

Additionally, the crown of the 915 is also lighter than the previous Titleist 913 d2 or d3 driver but thicker in the center of the face. Why? Because the ARC increases the speed of that beyond the legal limits so they had to dampen it down. However the ARC also increases it on off-centre hits and that is the big difference with the 915 driver.

Although the 915 d2 and d3 driver are coming out at the same time, they 2 drivers are still different from each other. In view of the name, we know that d3 driver is higher in stage than d2. And it is a bit more expensive than d2. We now have both of the d2 and d3 driver for sale. Customers can select whichever they prefer.

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