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Will the New R15 Overshadow the Trend of G30? -

In 2015, there is a good news for all the golf players. What is it? TaylorMade released the new R15 family in 2015, which are now available in market to sell on Jan, 9th. The new R15 becomes the whole focus at a sudden moment. Almost all the golf key words appear on internet is R15. Why R15 is so popular and hot? Firstly, as we all know, TaylorMade golf clubs are all featured in bringing us more distance and have much more forgiveness than many other brands; secondly, it has been a long period since the R11 unveilled. People are always pay much attention to the things which they are looking forward to for long time. And I know that TaylorMade will never let people down. Right?

When you are still immersed in the joy of owning a new Ping G30, then you turn arround to look at the new R15 series. But does this mean the new R15 will forover overshadow the trend of G30? No, not exactly. Ping G30 is now still very hot among many golfers. And G30 is keeping 2 month's top seller on our store. You can see that how much people love it.

If you have used the G30 driver, you should know that the standout feature of the Ping G30 driver visually and technically is the Turbulators that sit on the crown of the club. These are aerodynamic fins, whose name has to be spoken in movie trailer voiceover style, that smooth the airflow over the club during the swing to increase the club head speed.

Also in the ping G30 Irons, Ping's Custom Tuning Port (CTP) is a little lower and wider than before and the muscle bar across the back a little higher. This makes the G30 sound and feel much better . And the cavity behind the toe area is a little bigger and this helps increase the moment of inertia (MOI) for greater forgiveness.

With more than 14 months having elapsed since the release of the SLDR, four TaylorMade R15 driver models have been unveiled alongside an R15 fairway and hybrid. Available in 460cc, 430cc and two TP models this January, new R15 drivers continue the ‘loft up’ trend that made, and continues to make, the SLDR such a hit with tour pros and amateurs alike.

TaylorMade also celebrates 15 years of the ‘R Series’ franchise with the launch of the taylormade R15 driver. The pre-cursor to the ‘loft up’ campaign was the ability to move weight low and forward in the driver head, and the R15 has an even lower and more forward CG position than its predecessor.

This is achieved predominantly through a new Front Track system, which follows on from the sliding weight-adjustment mechanism that made its driver debut on the SLDR. The new Font Track system sits 12mm further forward that its SLDR equivalent, helping move 40g of mass closer to the face. The result is a repositioned centre of gravity and reduced spin.

The mechanism also houses two 12.5g weights that can be placed in the toe (to reduce hooks), heel (reduce slices), centrally (for more distance), or split between the heel and toe (more forgiveness). Some 75% of the R15 driver’s mass is low and forward, providing a lower-spinning flight, even with a relatively lofted club. Other technologies on the R15 include weight-saving Ultra Thin Wall casting, Inverted Cone Technology to expand the sweet spot and an Adjustable Loft Sleeve.

No matter which series you choose, you would be benefit from their excellent performaces and high tec. The most important is to find the proper then best golf clubs for you. Once you get proper golf clubs for sale, then try your best to improve your swing and putting skilles by practice.

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