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Ping G30 or Titleist 915? -

As both the new golf clubs produced in 2014, many people may find it hard to make an option between the new titleist 915 and ping g30. Yes, that’s true. I was intend to buy a new club for my best friend as Christmas gift. But I was really bothered in which one to choose. I did search many times by some online stores and also go to some local golf shops to check. But I still found it hard to make a decision. However, we have to make a decision no matter how difficult it is.

Actually, I know that many other people have the same experience with me. This is very normal. But the key is to find the most proper one. We shall never only judge a gift only by its value or price. The proper one is the best one. You should make a good job about the golf clubs for sale you want to buy as gifts before purchase. As for the ping g30 and titileist 915, each has its own special features and advantages.

As you can see, the standout feature of the G30 driver visually and technically is the Turbulators that sit on the crown of the club. These are aerodynamic fins, whose name has to be spoken in movie trailer voiceover style, that smooth the airflow over the club during the swing to increase the club head speed. You can also find this feature in the ping g30 3 wood.

For years you would have believed that the smoother the surface and curves of a clubhead, the faster it would go. However like dimples on the golf ball, the Turbulators claim to smooth the airflow rather than disrupt it as the Wind Tunnel Testing video below this review shows. Despite this, the adjustable process is easy to understand and use as the hosel is clearly marked and I would recommend going through a fitting process before you order the driver and also after it arrives to ensure you have it optimised for you.

Compared with ping g30, the primary new technology in the titleist 915 driver is visible straight away – a channel which runs behind the face on the new drivers, fairways and hybrids. It’s called the active recoil channel (ARC) and holds the key to many of the performance benefits – less spin, more speed, more distance. It’s something Titleist have been working on for the past five years to fully understand and perfect. Rather than the titleist 915 d2 driver clubface recoiling at the top – which can create backspin, the ARC allows the face to recoil through the crown and the sole.

Now, do you have an option in mind? And if you could check directly with your friend which he prefer insinuately before buying him a club, that would be much great. I can tell you I finally bought him a Ping G30 Driver, he loves it very much. I am also very happy.

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