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g30 hybrid launched to the market for one of the longest -

A hybrid is the club someone may not carry in their bag. You can always find one in my bag. Recently, i got a g30 hybrid. Ping said this hybrid provides faster ball speeds and high distance. I had a try of this hybrid. I feel that it is definitely the same as ping’s words.

PING says its brand new Ping G30 hybrid provides the golfers with faster ball speeds and longer distance with a higher max shot height to allow players to attack more pins. The trajectory is higher and the angle of descent sharper, Ping says. The distance enhancing uniform Stainless Steel 17-4 used within the G30 Hybrid allows for a more solid contact, faster face speeds for added distance from the fairway, rough or the tee on a par 3. A flatter top rail, progressive GC positions, internal weighting and stainless steel faces are all features of the new hybrid offering. Easier to align - the top rail is flatter and the heel section is higher, providing a squarer face at address to aid aiming.

If you look at the ping g30 driver 9 stiff in different lofts, you’ll notice that the size of the club head does vary. The club is slightly larger in the lower lofts and smaller in the higher lofts. The heel section is also a little higher than before and that helps it sit squarer to the ball. Friendly sized head, so perfect for the higher handicap player. Andy thinks the new blue and grey look to the new G30 family has great shelf appeal. The matte black crown features a glossy leading edge which helps with alignment and helps give a very classy look overall. The leading edge of the sole is also a little straighter than the previous G25 hybrid with a flatter sole.

Great feeling hybrid. Internal weight pads increase MOI with heel-toe weighting for forgiveness on off-centre hits. The club sounds hot – there’s a nice metallic crack – but it avoids sounding brittle or hollow. They may not have turbulators or adjustability, but they’re still jam-packed with tech to help you hit better shots. Maximum forgiveness comes from the ping g30 steel irons internal weighting which allows a larger amount of the clubs mass to be located at the heel and toe of the hybrid, this combined with the large heel pad helps the center of gravity to be placed in the optimum position depending on which loft you select.

It is one of the easiest hybrids on the market to hit high, long and straight. It hasn’t launched to the market for a long time. The price may be a little higher. But the forgiveness and performance of this hybrid is worth it.

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