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Ping G30 Family get together to have fun -

Ping introduce driver, fairway wood, iron and hybrid to make g30 family more harmony. Ping put black clothes on the body of the club head. They look like knights. The Ping G30 clubs are designed to fly higher and longer, without sacrificing forgiveness. It is my goal to get them into my bag these days. 

The driver in the Ping G30 lineup is the G30 Adjustable driver, with its "turbulators" on the crown that, in addition to boosting ball speed, can also assist with alignment, Ping says. The aerodynamic changes are called Turbulator Technology, small ridges on crowns of the ping G30 drivers and fairways. The technology, Ping says, "reduces aerodynamic drag by significantly delaying airflow separation, maintaining attached airflow around the clubhead as it approaches impact, leading to more speed." As with the driver, the G30 fairways are adjustable for loft, up to 1-degree up or down, and that, in turn, affects launch angle and spin rates.
The ping g30 irons family have thinner clubfaces than previous Ping irons, helping increase ball speed and giving a boost to launch angle. There's also a new Custom Tuning Port (CTP) design, positioned low in the sole of the undercut cavity, adding stability to those thin clubfaces and helping produce consistent feel and distance control. The sole has also been tweaked in a couple ways to help the clubhead's turf and rough interactions.
The new clubface design in the Ping G30 fairways involves using a larger face of uniform thickness constructed with Carpenter 475 steel, a stronger steel than traditional stainless. That added strength allows the face thickness to be, well, thinner. And that saves weight, which allows designers to reposition precious grams to help boost the moment of inertia and forgiveness. 
Yardage gaps between the hybrids are made consistent through progressive offset and progressive center of gravity locations. The G30 hybrids utilize stainless steel clubfaces that are thin and put through a heat-treatment process that Ping says results in greater trampoline effect for high ball speeds. The trajectory is higher and the angle of descent sharper, Ping says. 
All the g30 driver and fairway wood are adjustable. It attracts a lot of fans to buy them. The irons and hybrid using the most advanced technology. All in all, the g30 family will be very hot in this year. As an update club from last year's g25, g30 offer fresh air for the golf world. 

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