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Ping G30 Hybrid continues the theme of a faster -

The Ping G30 Hybrid completes the set of the impressive new G30 range from Ping. Like the Ping G30 Driver, Fairway and Irons the theme running through the G30 Hybrid technology is hotter launch from new materials coupled with increased control.

One thing I really like about Ping hybrids is how neutral they play. They don't have a lot of offset and very little draw bias and this makes them much straigher when hit from a tee. The G30 is excellent in this regard and the flight was middle of the range for a hybrid.

The matte black crown features a glossy leading edge which helps with alignment and helps give a very classy look overall. The leading edge of the sole is also a little straighter than the previous Ping G25 hybrid with a flatter sole. Combine this with the slightly longer and shallower head and you get a hybrid that acts more like a long iron, whilst providing all the benefits of a hybrid.

The long iron feel is enhanced by the fact Ping have put club numbers on the G30 hybrids for the first time. The range starts with a 2H at 17° like the G25 did, but then the remaining lofts up to the 6H at 30° are all 1° stronger in the G30. This is because the hosel position is more forward in the G30 and comibined with the deeper CG, the lofts are stronger to create the right distance gaps between each club.

With the Ping G30 irons starting with a four iron the G30 hybrids are ideal for filling in the gaps to help you attack the pins from longer distances. Like the irons the hybrids have been manufactured to produce a faster ball speed for longer distance and a higher maximum ball flight allowing players to attack pins with confidence in the knowledge that even with these longer clubs the ball should stop and hold the greens.

This will make it easier to hit from tight lies, but with less camber on the sole, if you use your hybrid from a lot of unevent lies or the semi-rough a lot then it could compromise the performance a little. It will therefore depend on where you use your hybrids the most as to whether the G30 will work for you.

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