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It is hard to complain the new G30 Hybrid and Wood -

The new Ping G30 fairway woods are designed to offer increased distance, while the G30 hybrids deliver a higher, longer flight. The Ping G30 fairway wood features turbulators on the crown that help make the club more aerodynamic and assist alignment at address. 

The G30 hybrids use a new heat-treated 17-4 stainless steel face that improves strength by 19 percent, boosting the CT of the hybrids by 20 points. That will give them a little more ball speed than the G25 hybrids, and with their similar trajectory that means they’ll likely carry a few yards farther for most golfers. With the release of the new G30 fairway woods, Ping is trying to blend the ball speed of today's driver-alternatives with forgiveness. The face is also larger and taller with a flattened crown curve, creating more forgiveness and a flatter visual appearance implemented to increase confidence. 
The G30 fairway metals incorporate Ping’s new Turbulator technology along with an all new Carpenter 475 face material which increases ball reflection across the entire face. The Ping G30 hybrid line uses Ping’s 17-4 stainless steel face; however, this year ping has H900 heat- treated the face to offer a thinner wall to increase ball speed.  
To inspire confidence, the top rail is flatter and the heel section is higher, providing a very square face at address that helps with aim and alignment consistency. Crown turbulators help with aim and confidence. And with five settings, you can add or subtract up to 1 degree of loft to optimize trajectories. Faster ball speeds and longer distance with a higher max shot height with the G30 hybrids will give you the stopping power to hold shots on the greens and attack pins. The centre of gravity in the Ping G30 fairway woods is designed to promote a high launch with optimal spin.  
According to Jertson, the thinner, stronger faces will give the G30 fairway woods approximately 1.5-to-2 mph more ball speed than the ping g25 models, which along with other changes make the G30′s much more of a distance threat than their predecessors. The higher flight will also ensure the ball stops quicker when it lands – ideal for approaches to long par 4s or par 5s. 
The new G30 hybrid face design has been given a squarer appearance at address, thanks to a flatter top rail and higher heel. It’s hard to complain about simple yet intuitive performance. Ping has been introducing high-performance clubs to the market for decades. 

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