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Honma Beres MG803 Graphite Irons

Honma Beres MG803 Graphite Irons


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Brand: Honma

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Product Details:

Honma Beres MG803 Irons

Honma introduces its new 2009 athlete model for Beres the MG803 iron. The MG803 is Honma's first ever varying flow structure design. By varying the design from long irons to short irons, the Honma Beres MG803 Irons give distance and forgiveness with the long irons but spin control and accuracy with the short irons.

The 3-7 iron features a special 2 pieces structure with weight disributed to heel and toe. This results in increased MOI. The 3 and 4 iron of Honma Beres MG803 Irons also feature thinner faces at 2.4mm while the 5-7 are 2.7mm. The undercut cavity and the 2 x 5g tungsten weight eliminate missed shots and distance loss.

The 8-SW irons of Honma Beres MG803 Irons feature a 1 piece construction with integrated cavity design. The 8-10 iron keeps a constant position for the moment of inertia allowing pure impact on the ball and feel. They feature 2 x 3.5g of tunsten in the cavity. The 11-SW is focused on spin and direction as wedges with a large face and large sweet area. Get the ball out of any lie with Honma Beres MG803 Irons!

Technology of Honma Beres MG803 Irons:

* WDD (Weight Distribution Design)

* Irons#3~#7 contain 10 grams(two weights of 5 grams each)of nickel tungsten weights added

* Irons#8~#10 contain 7 grams(two weights of 3.5 grams each) of nickel tungsten weights added

* Two piece structure irons #3~#7 has excellent kickback & larger strike area. The new model doubles the gravity point weight distributed to the toe and heel. The result is better moment of inertia, which helps to eliminate missed shots

* One-piece structure irons #8~#10 feature a gravity point distribution design that's a step beyond the previous model: keeping moment of inertia the same, it improves maneuverability, and helps the face hug the ball.

* The focus of the #11 & SW model designs is their superior performance wedges. They make setup easy, boasting a slightly larger face with a wider sweet spot.

Mark Anthony played at a charity tournament in Puerto Rico! And yes he was playing Honma clubs.

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Head options: 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13, 13.5 head cover included.

Graphite shaft options: Regular, Stiff, Soft-Regular, Soft-Stiff, X-Stiff.


Setup options: 3-9P, 3-9PS, 4-9PAS, 4-9PGA, 4-9PGS, 4-11AS and 5-9PGS.

Shaft options: Steel & Graphite. Regular, Stiff, Soft-Regular, Soft-Stiff, X-Stiff.

Fairway Woods

Head options: 3 wood & 5 wood

Graphite shaft options: Regular, Stiff, Soft-Regular, Soft-Stiff, X-Stiff.

Golf Putter: 33, 34, 35, and 36 inch with headcover, Shaft: Steel

Golf Wedge Degree: 52, 54,56,58,60. Shaft: Steel

Golf Hybrids Degree: 2H, 3H ,3H, 4H, 5H, 6H. Loft: 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29.


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